Our residential care home offers security and cares for older people We care for their day to day personal care needs, treating them as as individuals and respecting their privacy. Quality of life can be enhanced as new relationships are formed. There are opportunities to pursue personal interests and retain existing personal relationships outside the home.

We provide help with personal care, dressing, washing, bathing, getting to the toilet, medicines, and help with managing finances when necessary. We also care for people with dementia maintaining dignity and wherever possible independence.

Weekly fees are determined by the level of care required and is finalised after an assessment. We provide full transparency of what our fee includes – all boarding and lodging, meals, in house laundry and 24 hour care. We also liaise with GP’s, DN’s and medication available from GP’s on prescription and handling any emergencies.
We can help and advise how payment is made and whether you are entitled to assistance with your fees from your Local Authority or Social Services. Please talk to us in confidence.

There are many organisations available who can advise and provide information on the big step of moving into residential care. Your GP and other healthcare professionals can advise and independent organisation provide online advice and often helplines too.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which inspects and reports on care home providers. The CQC is an independent organisation, set up by the Government to inspect care homes and the services they provide. They publish reports on whether national standards are being met against essential requirements of quality and safety.

We welcome the feedback and advice we receive from the CQC, and use this to ensure our services continually develop and improve.

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